HAAS Furniture started through the request of a customer. Both owners have many years of experience in the furniture export sector and they understand the local market. With a love for wood and being creative, they believe in a concept of social responsibility:

“We are developing together…with our workers and our customers. “

Our mission is to produce quality furniture for the furniture market while being innovative. Aside from our regular products, in 2014 we created a unique collection to be exhibited at the IFEX Furniture Fair Jakarta.

The way we earn customer loyalty and trust is by :

  • Delivering Quality Furniture
  • Providing excellent customer service and communication
  • Fostering long-term partnerships

In short: HAAS Furniture is created by industry professionals who are the best in their field. They love working with wood, and developing new designs and styles of finishing. And above all, they bond together as a family, which is reflected in the excellent quality of the items they create.

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Caroline Kramer, owner